I am currently doing consultancy, contract work and research in User Experience (UX), HCI and more general ICT areas. I also do freelance web site design and development, graphic design and illustration, mainly for small businesses and research projects.

I am available for consulting or contract work, please contact me to discuss any potential work or to get a quote.

My consultancy work has included working with large industrial companies, NCR in Dundee and BAE SYSTEMS in Edinburgh, as well as NHS organisations and small- and self-employed businesses.

My primary skills are in determining what it is people really want and need and using this information to designing effective interactive systems for them to use. This usually goes well beyond the traditional HCI formal requirements capture and task analysis, although of course that gets covered as well.

Experience working with stakeholders, users and experts across a wide range of domains helps me to accurately capture requirements, tasks and expert knowledge and then analyse and model these and the processes involved. I have used a number of techniques and formalisms to this end, usually in uniques ways, or pushing them beyond their normal use.

Visualisation of breast cancer riskPart of my work is visualisation of concepts, designs and data. I have often found that such visualisations can be used iteratively to move ideas and knowledge out of the abstract and into an explicit form that can be worked with. I have developed and adapted HCI techniques to achieve this for a number of research projects.


There are a series of slideshows illustrating all my work on the Portfolio page.

For details of all my research and employment see my LinkedIn page:          LinkedIN Page

My full publications list is on publist.org.


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May 2017

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