Patrik O'Brian HoltProf Patrik O'Brian Holt
is a Research Professor and leads the Cognitive Engineering Research Group in the School of Computing Science and Digital Media at Robert Gordan University in Aberdeen.

Patrik was head of ISEL (Image Systems Engineering Laboratory) at Heriot-Watt University, taught me for my MSc and supervised both my MSc and PhD dissertations.

Albert BurgerProf Albert Burger
is Head of the Department of Computer Science in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and Deputy Head of Computer Science. He took over leadership of ISEL and the poisoned chalice of being my PhD supervisor from Patrik. As the work of the lab orientated more towards biological systems, it evolved into BISEL - Biomedical Informatics Systems Engineering Laboratory. Albert's website is here.

Kenneth McLeodDr Kenneth McLeod
is a fellow Researcher in BISEL who was co-investigator on the Argudas Project. As well as working with him on Argudas, I have had the pleasure of working with him on the Sealife and XSPAN projects as well. He successfully took over my mantle of being the one in the lab who always gets a dud Mac. Kenneth's website is here.

Phil DayDr Phil Day
is Senior Manager, User Centred Design at NCR Corporation in Dundee.
He did his MSc in HCI at the same time as me and then his PhD in ISEL and was a Researcher on the CoSTAR project. His research was into the use of Virtual Reality in industrial processes and he is now a hot-shot usability and ergonomics guru in industry. Phil's LinkedIN site is here.

Patrick Bowden-SmithTed CarrPatrick Bowden-Smith and Ted Carr
are friends who I have worked with on Land Management and Conservation projects. More details are on my Conservation page.

Fix My MacKevan Gordon of Fix My Mac
Is a genius and a gentleman! I have been a Mac user for more years than most and now use a 15" MacBook Pro and an iPhone 6+. I have had occasion to make use of the excellent services of this brilliant certified Apple Engineer who provides an unbeatable, personal repair and support service, at a fraction of the rates charged by Apple.



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